The Levana boarding house is designed to be a home for the children. It is a safe & clean environment and above all our staff take special care to give the children all nurturing that is required when far from home. Our female warden is available to support the children at all times.

The Levana boarding house is fitted out with all the necessary facilities including hot & cold water, clean drinking water, separate bathrooms and toilets for boys and girls. The Boarding house is connected to mains electricity and in case of power loss, electricity is provided from our own diesel powered backup generator.

The boarding house food is cooked by our trained chef in our onsite kitchen. All meal times are supervised by the teachers to make sure the children eat with proper table manners. The children’s clothes are washed at the laundry on regular basis.

Safety of Levana’s boarding students is of the upmost importance to us and to insure this we employ guards and night watchman. In addition several of our teaching staff are resident in the boarding house which adds to the security. In case of any injury to a child we maintain a first aid kit at the boarding house and a doctor is always available on call.

We aim to always keep the children busy in the evening by alternating between sports activities and classes held by the residential teachers to focus on practicing English and homework. In their free time the children have the use of the school playground and once a week enjoy a movie night.

  • Excellent and tasty meals
  • Centralized air-conditioning
  • High quality wooden interiors
  • CCTV surveillance on campus
  • In-house laundry system
  • Hygienic and pollution free environment
  • Backup power generators
  • Clean and excellent bathroom facilities
  • Clean drinking water throughout the school
  • Movie club
  • Extra evening classes
  • One to one learning system for Levana boarders
  • 24×7 teaching assistance
  • Sport activities
  • Caring male and female wardens

We proudly present you our new boarding house!