A new Type of Education in Champaran


The ethos and spirit of Levana strives to make a different approach!

We have a guiding principle: we believe that in a disciplined and happy environment it is important that the children do not feel they are under constant academic pressure. They will all grow up soon enough and our task is to prepare them through a rigorous education, to cope with todays highly competitive and ever changing world.

Why is Levana approach different

    • We highly value academic excellence, however in order to educate a child effectively there needs to be an appreciation of the difference between “knowing” the answer to a question and “understanding” the answer to a question.
    • The easiest and most natural way to teach a child is when learning is enjoyable. This is the great advantage of Levana extracurricular activities and sports programme which is all taught in English and from July 2014 by actual British undergraduates who will be managing this aspect of Levana school life.
    • We will strive to identify the individual talents of each child and encourage them to further succeed in that area. Every child should have a chance to shine at something, whether academic, sporting or artistic.
    • It is our belief that through the medium of sport, children can learn about teamwork, leadership and how to compete: three attributes which are as vital as any academic qualification for a successful life.
    • Levana students are taught that politeness, good manners and respect for others are of prime importance.
    • Levana teaches all of its students to respect the environment and to be conscious of the fact that it is not permissible to spoil it. India has a huge problem with the careless disposal of rubbish, Levana is doing everything it can to change this, one child at a time.
    • A sense of responsibility towards their school community as well as their country will be encouraged in all our students.
Long jump competitions
Long jump competitions